DIY Psychotherapy

Two most important days in your life... the day you were born and the day you know why.

Life is what goes on between meals

You are born an emperor

Playing Cards are believed to have originated in China and then spread to India and Persia. From Persia they are believed to have spread to Egypt during the era of Mamluk control, and from there into Europe through both the Italian and Iberian peninsulas in the second half of the 14th century

Couples Therapy Cards

Bette these cards will help you make the best choices in work, friendship and love.

Know Your Cards

Everything you ever needed to know as if you had asked the emperor's astrologer

Guide to Self-Actualization

MEDITATION: Nothing is by chance - everything happens because it has to.


"If the world was one nation, Istanbul would be the Capital," Napoleon.

Bliss Follower's Guide to Individuation

Fear of the Unknown is Only a Problem if You Are the Unknown

Live Steam Utopia

Every Community Deserves a Live Steam Park, Just as Every Zoo Has a Children's Petting Zoo

Spades, Diamonds, Clubs & Hearts

There are 52 stories, given you start date it's possible to tell you what's next.