At least four times a week, from my third-row center perch at Houston’s Delta Club AA, I would zero in on #10 of this big Twelve Promises wall chart. ‘Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.’ That was my problem number one and problem number two. I was a Delta Club regular b/c my 30-year marriage was finished, I had been fired three times in the past five years and I was sheltering with an ex-coworker.


When I complained to her, that all they did in AA was talk about ‘relationships.’ She replied that’s b/c “you don’t know what a relationship is.” Problem number two, financial insecurity, lack of money, was assuaged by Delta membership dues of only a buck when they passed the basket.  It took a $150/hr psychiatry, Prozac, weekly $50/50 min visits with the psychotherapist-in-training to get me past catatonic.

I like every body else between 45-55 was merely going through my Mid-Life Transition anonymously whereas, Clinton, and Obama, shared their fear of people and financial insecurity while in office.

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