Whats the Plan Stan?

Whats the Plan Stan?


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Birthday to birthday script, outline, text map or as they say in China step-by-step explanation of the challenges and rewards for the coming year. Seven 52 day periods that describe in lay language the intent of each progression. Think of it as a personal storyboard 0-99 seasons each having seven episodes that follow the standard plot-line of any movie.  

Carl Jung, the father of Analytical Psychology, comes up with the "What Makes People Tick Quadrant." Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has been used forever to help participants find a job that fit their personality.

William Moulton Marston was a lawyer and a psychologist; he also contributed to the first polygraph test, authored self-help books and created the character Wonder Woman. His major contribution to psychology came when he generated the DISC characteristics of emotions and behavior of normal people. Marston, after conducting research on human emotions, published his findings in his 1928 book called Emotions of Normal People in which he explained that people illustrate their emotions using four behavior types: Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C).

Some Most companies use the DISC assessment as a way to screen potential employees, with the thought that a certain personality type would be better or worse in certain jobs or positions. - When I told my company that I wanted to be a salesman, they DISCed me. They were looking for big 'D' Dominance peeps and I was a big 'give-the-store-away' 'I' Inducement personality guy. - This is not what the DISC assessment was initially designed for. DISC is a tool to get to know oneself, others and behavior in interpersonal situations better.

David A. Kolb is an America’s foremost behavioral learning theorist whose interests and publications focus on experiential learning, the individual and social change, career development, and executive and professional education.

At forty, I enrolled in Case Western Reserve University's EMBA program, thinking that a business education would help me make more money as an architect. Our first week we encountered Dr Kolb's Learning Style Inventory instrument. This four quad test revealed your learn-by-doing preferences. After self-scoring our tests, the class of 38 men and two women stood in the four corners of the classroom. D's got ten, C's got ten and S's got eighteen b/c two-thirds were engineers by trade. However, 'what's-his'face' and I wanted to know what was wrong or why were we so lonely with just the two of us in the 'I' quad?

Dr. David Kolb, Chair of the Organizational Behavior Department, broke the bad news, "we had no business being in business school." This explained why in the next two years Organizational Behavior and Marketing were my only subjects of interest. I also learned that the University of Michigan, across the pond in Ann Arbor, was the Harvard Business School equivalent for the esoteric subjects of Organizational Behavior and Organizational Development.

Upon, even before, graduation, I ran around our eight offices, from LA to NJ, giving engineers, architects, accounting, estimating, construction, sales and clerical the MBTI and KOLB tests. Personalysis, out of Houston, was the $150 test that disqualified me as a salesman, good project manager - bad salesman. The candidate in the upper left-hand corner gets the sales job. I'm the one in mostly yellow just below.

After, failing three times as an AE&C salesman, I thought I'd try selling Psych Tests or officially Psychometric Instruments. The Birkman and the Profile were the other two competitors to Personalysis each used the four quads and cost $150 a pop. I sold three Profile's to a lady hiring her personal assistant - I thought, Jeez-Louise, $450 was way too much money - then I met Mel Kleiman of Humetrics and his $5 employee hiring instrument.

Mel's secret ingredient was a shrink two floors up who had earned his psych test stripes by getting 13 death row inmates in the real life "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" insane asylum to return to society, simply by asking them questions. Mel was selling the test cheap to get a foot-in-the-door for his employee hiring consultancy. See Mel doing his thing.

Mel got the Cuckoo's Nest doctor to create an attitude questionnaire because a study by the Harvard Business School had determined Attitude was more important than education or personality. I was in complete agreement and thought our attitudes came from our 'childhood wound' as described in Harville Hendrix's book "Keeping the Love You Find." 

I began teaching classes (if you want to learn something - teach it) on Finding Dharma by giving a fuselage of psych tests plus helping students discover their childhood wound. The Clinton's were great examples of the Attachment phase, the first eighteen months. Hillary's mother was mothered by her grandmother, so when it was time to have her first born, she had doubts about being a good mother. Hillary felt those vibes even in the womb and was wounded with a Fear of Abandonment. Bill's father died before he was born and Rose also had doubts about single-parent motherhood. Bill searched for approval to overcome his Fear of Rejection by the public and/or women.

Then one fateful day one of my students asked me what I thought about astrology? I said I would like to know about astrology but it was a bunch of numbers and chart hocus-pocus and I didn't possess the time and talent to find out. And just like that I was mystically whisked away to Eugene, OR.

As Berkeley got more and more expensive, three generations of hippies have called Eugene and the University of Oregon home. It was there that I discovered the Cards and how they provided the same psychometric information delivered in four quadrants of Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts. All you needed to know to unlock, everything you wanted to know, was the individual's mm/dd/yyyy. These books tell you about your personality, your best love relationships better than any psychometric test ever invented.


Robert Lee Camp's Love Cards tell the cards you were dealt at birth. My firm could have saved their $150 Personalysis test with one peak at someone born 09/13/???? I couldn't score in the 'D' Dominance Salesman quad b/c I didn't have a single Dominant Spade Card in my body


But, wait, wait, don't tell me, This book can predict the future.

Every year from 0-99. Oh, there is one additional requirement, the year of birth as in mm/dd/yyyy. Make that two requirements. A small donation of  $4.95. I want to be your psychotherapist friend so you keep the other $145.05  




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