The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "Don't worry, don't worry. Look at the Astors and the Vanderbilts, all those big society people. They were the worst thieves-and now look at them. It's just a matter of time." Meyer Lansky

July 4 people feel most fulfilled when representing a group of which they are proud, be it familial, regional, racial, political, economic or social. Their roots are extremely important to them and they rarely let themselves or anyone else forget where they come from. Thus, those born on July 4 are not satisfied when acting purely for personal gain, but like to make their mark as contributors to a larger effort. This is not to say that they do not like working or being alone. Long periods of solitude may be necessary for them to develop their projects or chart a course of action, but such work invariably functions within a wider social framework.
ADVICE: Beware of chauvinism regarding your group's standing in society, or the world at large. Try to maintain some objectivity and criticism in this respect. Beware of blanket endorsements. Remember that you are at times free to act as an individual, beholden to no one but yourself.
Strengths: Faithful, Giving, Proud

Weaknesses: Egocentric, Biased, Fixed

BORN ON THIS DAY: Yingdan Liu, Nathaniel Hawthorne (The Scarlet Letter),  Louis B Mayer, Meyer Lansky, Calvin Coolidge, Neil Simon, Ron Kovic (writer, "Born On The 4th of July"), Abigail Van Buren & Ann Landers, Michael Miiken, Tokyo Rose, Geraldo Rivera, Gina Lollobrigida, George Steinbrenner, Rube Goldberg. Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Perhaps all events are of equal value and none can be said to be more important than any other.

Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

Jack of Diamonds - The Trader

Karma - Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power 

JACK of Diamonds: The FINANCIALLY CREATIVE Card: This is the salesman's card. These people are sharp, clever and always able to make a good living using their wit and charm. They are very independent and creative, and operate as much on their instincts as they do on their quick minds. They can always get along and do well in life by virtue of their inherited financial expertise. Few heed the call of their highest ideals and become the King that stands close to them. Their natural psychic ability can lead them to direct spiritual realization but all Jacks are fixed in their minds and often this prevents them from exploring that which is one of their greatest gifts. Some (Jd)'s become professional psychics while others may fear of their open channel. In any event, most of them come to use it later in life.  The (Jd) has great power to persuade others. They are successful in work that brings them in front of groups or individuals. They can make a good living in the entertainment or healing professions. Many are artistically inclined and some are particularly gifted in the artistic fields. They often would like to do something good for the world. However, being a Jack, they may live out their entire life just playing around and having fun.


Being the Uranus/Neptune card, (Jd)'s usually like to keep their options open in their work and in their life in general. Their freedom (Uranus) means a lot to them - they often look upon it as sacred (Neptune). They will usually gravitate toward self-employment or occupations that give them a lot of freedom in setting up their own work schedule. This may be  one reason so many of them gravitate to selling and promoting as a career. They are unequaled in this field. The expression of the salesman who sold 'ice cubes to Eskimos' must have been written about a (Jd) person. All Jacks can be immature and crafty, due to their vast creativity and they usually mean well even when they are not able to come through on their promises. They love to be social and they are the best salespeople in the zodiac. They must find a career that gives them an outlet for their creativity and recognition of their superior talents. 

The United States is a JACK of  Diamonds (July 4th).
Your Karma Cards are the: Image result for Three of Spades THREE of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way jack of clubs JACK of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

JACK of  Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 16 (Aquarius), February 14 (Aquarius), March 12 (Pisces), April 10 (Aries), May 8 (Taurus), June 6 (Gemini), July 4 (Cancer II), August 2 (Leo);

FAMOUS JACK of  Diamonds: Michael Milken is an American former financier and philanthropist. He is noted for his role in the development of the market for high-yield bonds, for his conviction following a guilty plea on ...  July 4, 1946 (age 69), Encino, CA. 

FAMOUS JACK of  Diamonds: Michael Milken, Aaliyah, Kate Moss, John Carpenter, Drew Bledsoe, Meg Tilly, Jimmy Hoffa, Darryl Strawberry, James Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Michael Bloomberg, Mandy Moore, Steven Seagal, Rube Goldberg, George Steinbrenner, Harry Truman, Bjorn Borg, Sandra Bernhard, Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Geraldo Rivera; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.

JACK  of Diamonds (Knight or Prince of Pentacles) in Tarot 

 JACK jack of diamonds of  Diamonds: The nature, disposition, and qualities of this card take the prize for variety and peculiarity! The Jack of Diamonds is either wholly material, or highly spiritual, or a curious and incomprehensible mixture of the two. The Jack of Diamonds are very money conscious and will always find a way to get it. They are mentally keen, sharp and clever and are always looking for and finding the thing that pays off. Jack of Diamonds must have a profession that is productive; they must also have an outlet for their wonderful gifts of originality and creativity. Fun loving and dynamic. Never a dull moment with Jacks of Diamonds!  http://www.metasymbology.com/

CANCER II - The Week of the UNCONVENTIONAL July 3 - 10: Cancer II's can appear quite normal, and may occupy ordinary positions in the working world, but they are irresistibly attracted to the unusual and the bizarre. Few colleagues and associates are ever granted access to their secret world; only their intimates come to realize, often after years of close association, how closely their fascination with all that is strange and curious mirrors their own inner self.



Advice: Make a real effort to get out in the world. Toughen your stance a bit and try not to be so sensitive. Develop your financial sense and cultivate your talent for maintenance and continuity. Keep contact with those who care about you. Put your active fantasy and imagination to productive use.

CANCER II NOTABLES: Tom Hanks, Franz Kafka, O.J.  Simpson, Nikola Tesla, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Ann Landers, Abigail Van Buren, Geraldo Rivera, John Rockefeller, Philip Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, Ringo Starr, P.T. Barnum, George M. Steinbrenner, Nancy Reagan, Janet Leigh. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

MEDITATION: All the multiplicities of spaces and times exist in one Space and One Time. 

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

The commonalities of the Super-Salesperson JACK  of Diamonds "The Trader Card" is their Karma - Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power: In Tony Robbins lingo, they must "Unleash the Power Within." Sounds easy enough, but they need to also acknowledge or become consciously aware of their karmic gifts +karma the JACK  of Clubs "The Mentally Creative" Card and their - karma THREE  of Spades "The Artist Card."

January 16  Capricorn III,  February 14  Aquarius III,  March 12   Pisces III,  April 10  Aries II,  May 8  Taurus II,  June 6  Gemini II,  July 4  Cancer II,  August 2  Leo I



          Self                                                   Ego

July FOURTH the Day of the GROUP REPRESENTATIVE: draws on their Ego. the King  of Clubs "The Master of Knowledge" to ferret out every last ounce of karmic Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power to the benefit of whatever Group they choose to Represent.

 Yingdan Liu, was my boss and number three in the China Toastmasters leadership. Two years later Yingdan"I'm sticking with my given name. You Americans can learn to pronounce it. It's not that difficult." - was the big boss of all 5,000 members of the 100 Toastmasters International clubs of China.

The moral to my story: a JACK  of Diamonds, is a JACK  of Diamonds wherever they live. Their talents and potential are baked in their DNA. It worked for Michael Milken, Jimmy Hoffa,  Michael Bloomberg, George Steinbrenner, and Harry Truman in the US and Yingdan Liu in China.

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