The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "Corruption never has been compulsory." - Anthony Eden

Those born on June 12 generally operate under the assumption that things are going fine. Rarely will they give in to a sense of defeatism even when circumstances present a rather gloomy outlook. However, their cheerful exterior can at times hide a troubled inner life. Though they meet life's challenges squarely, such worldly concerns may draw an inordinate amount of energy away from their own problems. They must beware that unresolved personal issues do not undercut their endeavors.

Strengths: Optimistic, Expansive
Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Judgmental
ADVICE: Recognize the shadow side of your personality. Running away won't help, nor will denial. Sit down and have a good talk with yourself. Don't project your internal struggle on others, try to understand where they are coming from.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Anne Frank, George HW Bush, Anthony Eden, Anselm Rothschild (German financier), Jordan Peterson, David Rockefeller (banker), Jim Nabors (TV comedian), John Augustus Roebling, Vic Damone (singer);

MEDITATION: The sun brings both life and death.

Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

5 of Diamonds - Fluctuation in Finances

Karma for the 5 of Diamonds - Accepting Reality

FIVE  of Diamonds: The SALESPERSON Card -  This card has its share of challenges and its share of gifts. Like all fives, they dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit their freedom. They can be perpetual wanderers, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes their work and relationships. All fives have an inner restlessness, but they truly want to accomplish something of value and stability in their lives. They are inherently spiritual and know what is of true value. The challenge comes in practicing what they know. They come into this life with a certain amount of karma which often takes considerable hard work to discharge. If they are lazy, there will be many problems. They must practice what they know and do what it takes to get the job done without shirking responsibility. They make great sales people and they have tried many things in life and know how to relate to anyone on their own level. Their inner truth is their guiding light.
Your Karma Cards are the: nine of diamondsNINE of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. three of clubsTHREE of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

FIVE  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 22 (Aquarius), February 20 (Pisces), March 18 (Pisces), April 16 (Aries), May 14 (Taurus), June 12 (Gemini), July 10 (Cancer), August 8 (Leo), September 6 (Virgo), October 4 (Libra), November 2 (Scorpio);

FAMOUS FIVE  of Diamonds: Diane Lane, Jordan Peterson, Sidney Poiter, Queen Latifah, Cate Blanchett, George H.W. Bush Sr., Jessica Simpson, John Augustus Roebling, Dave "The Edge" Evans, Jeff Foxworthy, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.


FIVE  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot

FIVE  five of diamondsof Diamonds: Money consciousness is strong for these people, and when it's regarded as a means, not an end, finances are usually at their disposal. Limitations and restrictions in regard to their financial security come through troubling health, or a hampering physical affliction; through difficulties with children, or through a loved one who is faced with trials that cannot be shared. The 5 of Diamonds must choose their course and stick to it. They must seek a place in life where they can forget themselves and make a contribution, and they must learn to abolish their constant uncertainty. They must also guard against creating a separate reality that's out of sync with the reality of those around them!  http://www.metasymbology.com/

GEMINI III - The Week of the SEEKER June 11-18: The primary drive of a Gemini III is to go beyond limitations imposed by society and nature. This may take the form of a drive toward success, or an overcoming of physical limitations. Gemini III's are never happier when they are on the move: probing, testing, tasting and exploring the most interesting things life has to offer. Not afraid to take chances, those born in this week are attracted by risk and danger. Adventurers in every sense of the word, Gemini III's are restless types. Their style is to remain unattached and thus free to progress as far as possible. Life is never dull with a Gemini III around. Those born in this period do not necessarily have to travel to far-off lands to explore and find challenge. For them all of life is an adventure. Thus Gemini III's keep others guessing as to their next move.



Advice: Sometimes what is right in front of you is just as interesting as something risky or exotic. It may not be incumbent on you to influence the course of things. Allow yourself to express negativity when it is called for. Give yourself easy rewards, too.

GEMINI III NOTABLES: Anne Frank, Courtney Cox, Vince Lombardi, Donald Trump, Jim Belushi, George Bush, Christo, Che Guevara, Jacques Cousteau, Steffi Graf, Joe Montana, Gene Wilder, Newt Gingrich, Paul McCartney. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants    

January 22  (Capricorn-Aquarius), February 20   (Aquarius-Pisces), March 18  (Pisces III), April 16  (Aries III), May 14  (Taurus), June 12  (Gemini III), July 10  (Cancer II), August 8  (Leo), September 6  (Virgo II), October 4  (Libra II), November 2   (Scorpio I);



        Self                                                                   Ego


June TWELFTH the Day of BUOYANT OPTIMISM: gets their Buoyancy from their Ego, their Who They Think They Are, the NINE  of Diamonds "The Giver of Values," when you combine that character trait with the innate "Salesperson" ability of the FIVE  of Diamonds Self, Who They Truly Are card you get an optimist, after all pessimists, don't do well in sales. 

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