May SEVENTEENTH (2d) The Day of the BOTTOM LINE:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  “There is no doubt about it, these animals are trying to destroy me mentally." - Jimmy Boyle

May 17 people have a fundamental approach to life and a desire to get down to basics. Those born on this day are inevitably involved in making simple, though often quite profound statements, be they artistic, economic or political. Their refusal to deal in any unnecessary complexities or compromise their beliefs marks an unusually straightforward approach to life.
Advice: Loosen up; learn to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously. In attempting to control your environment, you may provoke negativity; try to accept what comes along. Allow yourself rest and actively seek contentment and happiness.

BORN on this Day: Dennis Hopper, Sugar Ray Leonard, Birgit Nilsson, Tony Parker, Ashley Wilson, Jimmy Boyle, Edward Jenner (British physician, discovered vaccination, prevented smallpox), Maureen O'Sullivan. Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: To sense the inter-connectedness of what happens is to see into the life of things.

Meaning of the Two of Diamonds - Need for Financial Security

Karmic Challenge: Fear of Lack
TWO  of Diamonds: The WHEELER DEALER Card:  The Two of Diamonds has an innate intuition that, if followed, will always lead them to success in all their dealings. Inherent in this intuition is a high set of values and often a "mission" in life, a mission that always involves partners and "others". There is a certain amount of ambition, usually for money, that keeps them motivated. This is good because they can get into ruts at  times - especially in their closest relationships. If they tap into their inner guidance they will find a path awaiting them that is fascinating and rewarding. They do best by establishing themselves in one business and sticking with it. They should be careful that their social obligations do not tax their health and well being. They usually make large sums of money in real estate in their later years and maintain good health throughout their lives. These people love to mix and mingle and to do "deals" with others. Once they have discovered their special mission, they find more success.
Your Karma Cards are the: six of clubs SIX of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. ace of diamonds ACE of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

TWO  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS 25 January, 23 February, 21 March, 19 April, 17 May (Taurus III) , 15 June, 13 July, 11 August, 9 September, 7 October, 5 November, 3 December.

FAMOUS TWO  of Diamonds: Corazon Aquino, Dennis Hopper, Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning, Matthew Broderick, Rosey O'Donnell, Kate Hudson, Maria Sharapova, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ice Cube, Harrison Ford, Hulk Hogan, Adam Sandler, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kevin Jonas, Brendan Frase. Source: Love Cards, by Robert Camp.


TWO   of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot

two of diamonds The TWO of Diamonds need to overcome an inherent fear of not having enough money. Power is always available to the 2 of Diamonds in whatever career they choose, including their social life. The Challenge for the 2 of Diamonds is unraveling their tendency towards fixation. They get stuck wielding their own power until they are forced out of their personal situation, empty handed, wondering how they ever let it get that far in the first place! The men Two of Diamonds make excellent traders - especially in areas of glamour, or foreign investments. Entertainers often end up drifting through life, or being content with a mediocre performance. Not true of the women.


TAURUS III - The Week of the NATURAL May 11-18: Taurus III's are highly sensitive individuals who need to be free to express themselves as directly and as naturally as they wish. Taurus III's do not react well when others try to correct, reform or change their basic habits. These spontaneous, fun-loving, zany individuals insist on being themselves: indeed, they seem to have no other choice. Yet society can put pressures on an individual to conform, and Taurus III's may consequently encounter serious frustrations and obstacles while growing up. Nervousness and neurotic behavior not infrequently result and, in more extreme cases, depressions and acutely repressed feelings.



Advice: Dig deeper and explore the depths of your personality. Try to take matters a bit more seriously if you wish others to do the same in regard to you. On the other hand, never give up your natural and instinctive approach to life. Set your personal standards a bit higher and expect more of yourself.

TAURUS III NOTABLES: Dennis Hopper, Salvadore  Dali, George Lucas, Joe Louis, David Byrne, Henry Fonda, Margot Fontaine, Katherine Hepburn, Stevie Wonder, Phil Silvers, George Carlin, Liberace, Bertrand Russell, Yogi Berra. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

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January 25  (Aquarius I),  February 23  (Pisces I),  March 21    (Pisces-Aries Cusp),  April 19  (Aries-Taurus Cusp),  May 17  (Taurus III),  June 15  (Gemini III),  July 13  (Cancer III),  August 11  (Leo),  September 9  (Virgo),  October 7  (Libra),  November 5   (Scorpio II),  December 3  (Sagittarius II)



               Self                                                             Ego 

May SEVENTEENTH The Day of the BOTTOM LINE: chose the EIGHT  of Clubs "Power in Knowledge" Card for their Ego, their Who They Think They Are, their persona driver. When you couple this Ego to the TWO  of Diamonds  "Wheeler Dealer" Self, you get a negotiator par excellence in whatever their field of endeavor. 

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