Hearts govern the first period of our lives and the first season of the year – the season of childhood. Family, love, home, relationships, emotions, and children all fall under the domain of Hearts.  The Hearts suit signifies emotion. Birthdays identified with this suit find the greatest fulfillment in a positive expression of love, compassion and understanding. Hearts people, above all others, are best “suited” to demonstrate these attributes. People who are born as a Hearts card are child-like in nature because they are the children of the deck, often maintaining a youthful exuberance even into later years. They never really get old, not on the inside. They usually love children.

Hearts people live through emotions and relationships and are most concerned with and affected by their personal relationships, especially within their families. Hearts is also the suit of sex and Hearts people seem to make that a greater priority than the other suits. The Hearts person is here searching for the perfect love. The positive Hearts is friendly and affectionate; the negative Hearts is self-indulgent or flirtatious. The negative ones are vulnerable to their emotional temperament, which can turn love into violent hate. Excess in the sensual can also turn them away from sensitive expressions to promiscuity and obsessive behaviors.

Hearts rule art, music, poetry, and any pursuit of beauty in any form. At best, Hearts people are sensitive and their sensual nature can make them among the greatest of artists, sculptors, musicians and poets. Because Hearts excel in people-oriented careers, they also make good nurses, teachers, and counselors.

The Hearts suit governs 52 birthdays. Its ruling planets are Venus and Mercury. In his book, The Mystic Test Book, author and Grand Master of the Order of the Magi, Olney H. Richmond, said that while Mercury rules the Hearts from the standpoint of instinctive passion, Venus rules from the standpoint of emotional love and harmony.

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