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Welcome  Jeff, this Reading is for you! See what's in store for you the year ahead  from your 12 January 2017 to your next birthday on 12 January 2018.

All about Your Birth Card


The TWO  of Spades Person "The Friendship Card"

The Two of Spades is the card of work partnership and friendship. Twos are also known as fear cards, and usually the fear is that of being alone. The Two of Spades is no exception. Many of them will go out of their way to keep themselves in the company of others and all are personally hurt when others betray their friendship or trust. The Karma Card of the Two of Spades, the Six of Spades, is one of the most potent of all the karma cards and tells us that the life of the Two of Spades has more of a fated quality to it than other cards. This   same card can cause their lives to get in a rut from time to time and accounts for some challenges in the areas of health at different times in their life. Positive health habits are essential for them.

The Two of Spades location in the Uranus/Uranus position of the Natural Spread tells us that they all have strong intuitional gifts. However, to access this, they must develop a sincere interest in their spiritual sides, something that most Spades tend to ignore in favor of their strong work and career interests.

They have strong, logical minds with which they can make a good living

Our Birth Card is our most important symbol of who we are in this lifetime. It is the card that we most identify with, and through which we have the greatest gifts to share with those around us. It is also called our Sun Card and our Soul Card.

But this same logic doesn't help them much in personal relationships. Many are so involved in their work and the power of their logic that they completely avoid their feelings and situations that test them in this area. This can include avoiding marriage and relationships. They are very congenial and have success in social situations but their Three of Hearts Pluto Card speaks of some doubts and indecision both romantically and in general that can plague them throughout their life. Overall they have an easier life path than most and should not allow themselves to become self-indulgent or lazy. Often they marry into money.

If the Two of Spades turns to spirituality, they can be very progressive, dynamic, and instrumental in shaping the world into one of harmony and cooperation. This is the Card of the New Age of Cooperation and Brotherly Love.

Some of the TWO  of Spades Issues Concerning Relationships

The Two of Spades person has some of the better marriage karma of all the cards in the deck. However, this good marriage usually comes later in life, after they have resolved some of the issues around indecision and their inward fears of being alone. This card is highly logical and their approach to love often reflects this. They have good karma from past lives of having given much in a marriage and will receive due payment at some point in this life. There can be long periods of inactivity in their love life and they have themselves to blame for this. Often it is their own fears or doubts that stop them from initiating new partnerships on a romantic level. Once in a relationship, they are faithful and true, but they have lessons to learn that might be more difficult than they realize. Any work done on the emotional side is extremely helpful in this area.

All about Your Planetary Ruling (Ego) Card


TEN  of Clubs "the Teacher Card" as Your Planetary Ruler and Ego

The Planetary Ruling Card acts like a second Birth Card to give you a new slant on your personality and character traits. It is very important in terms of your personal relationships since it represents a part of you that you identify with strongly.

This ruling card adds an aura of specialness to your personality, drawing you towards a high position in your work or profession. Many people with this card become known in some way and others attain great fame. You have teaching ability and probably are a teacher, regardless of what kind of work you officially do. You excel in mental areas though all this power can also make you hyperactive mentally, creating stress or problems in sleeping. It's like your mind never stops. You may even be drawn towards a career as an artist, actor or musician. You are personally an independent person and may have some trouble deciding which line of work to pursue.

 Auspicious Events Occurring at Age 53

Each year most people's Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards move to a different location in what we call the Grand Solar Spread (pictured below). Each position has a unique significance and is described in the section about the Displacement Card. However, some of these positions are more significant and represent times in life when special events will occur. There are also special events determined by our age and by certain cards that fall into prominent positions in our Yearly Spreads. This section of your report will define what, if any, of these auspicious events will occur for you this year. The text given further emphasizes their unique importance in the overall fabric of your cards for this time of your life.

You will get a Wish Fulfilled This Year

Your Birth Card falls in a position this year that is governed by the Planet Jupiter. Because of this you will have a certain amount of good fortune and you will see at least one of your important wishes fulfilled at the same time. This does not mean that every problem in your life will disappear or that everything will be easier. But it does mean that some things will come easier to you and that something you want will manifest itself. This is, for the most part, going to be a year of prosperity and abundance. Though you may have challenges in other areas, there will be much to be grateful for. Magnify this prosperity by receiving it and giving thanks.


This Section Has Information from Your Birth Card Spread

About The One-Year Reading for your Birth Card: Our Birth Card is the most significant card of all the cards that represent   us. It is the card that we identify the most with and the one in which we 'shine forth' with the greatest brilliance. We have other cards that are symbols of us as well. These include the Planetary Ruling Card, Personality Cards and Karma Cards to some extent. However, it is the Birth Card that is first and foremost in its importance and in its ability to describe our life in great detail.

Since this report may contain the Yearly Spreads for other cards that represent you, it is important to know the difference between them and their purposes in determining what they are trying to tell you.

On the following pages are all the cards for this year that fall in the Yearly Spread for your Birth Card. Cards in the Birth Card's Yearly Spread can pertain  to most any area of your life, in contrast to the Personality Card spreads which usually only pertain to certain aspects of your life. As you read these influences keep in mind that these are the primary and most important.

  The Year-Long Cards Found In Your Birth  Card Spread

Long Range Card
Your Long Range Card is perhaps the most important card of the year. It defines something or someone that will be a major focus of your attention. It is neither positive nor negative, just a place where a lot of your time, energy or attention will be spent throughout the year.


Pluto Card

Your Pluto Card is also a very important card in the Yearly Spread. It signifies something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your life. It may define an area where you experience a 'mini-death' in your life, a place where you release a negative pattern to make room for a more positive way of life.


Result Card

Your Result Card combines with the Pluto Card to help define your big change and challenge of the year. But in addition, the Result Card will be someone or something that you will end up with by your next birthday that is a blessing in your life. It is like the gift that you will receive for all the hard work you did this year to transform yourself.


Environment Card

Your Environment Card represents someone or something that will act in a beneficial manner for you throughout the year. It is an area where things will come easily to you, something or someone to be grateful for. It is always a good thing regardless of what card it is. You will collect good things from this card all year long.


 Displacement Card

Your Displacement Card usually indicates an area where you will have to pay closer attention in order to have success for this year. It can be a person or thing that requires you to give them extra energy in order for that thing or person to   be a benefit in your life. It can also signify 'special' occurrences that only come in certain years of life.

About the Year-Long Influence Cards in your Birth Card's Spread: 
Each card in your yearly reading says something about a specific area of life. Some influence the entire year while others influence primarily a 52-day period. The cards above are those that influence the entire year. Because of this, they are always considered to be the most important cards of the yearly reading.

Each of these five cards has a specific function and purpose and will tell you some different and yet important things about the year this report is for. Take your time as you read their meanings as well as the text that describes their individual importance and functions.

Your Long Range Card This Year

The QUEEN  of Hearts as the Long Range Card

  "the Loving Mother Card"

Your Long Range Card: Either a Queen of Hearts person or marriage will be playing a major role in your life this year. Your focus is likely to be on love and relationships. If you are a single person, this card can indicate a marriage for you this year. At the very least, you can expect an intimate relationship that is very sensual and satisfying.

For married people, the Queen of Hearts tells us that your family and relationship with your spouse will assume a greater importance this year than usual. This could be good or bad, depending on the other cards in your yearly spreads. The Queen of Hearts is also the card of motherhood and so it is commonly found in the years when women either conceive or give birth. This card also gives great success   in the arts or any business that deals with the public.

If your Birth Card happens to be a Heart and you are a female, the Queen of Hearts as your Long Range Card could also mean a lot of focus on your role as a mother or a romantic partner for the year. For single women, this can often be a sign of new relationships coming into their life.

 Keywords: A  year  of  focus  on  marriage,  the  concept  of marriage, the     role  as mother, the concept of childbirth or love of luxury and pleasure.

 Your Pluto Card This Year 

 The Eight of Diamonds as the Pluto Card: Your Pluto CardThis year, one of your main goals will be that of creating more money in your life. You are desiring to have the power that money represents, the power to make some purchases that are important to you. To acquire this power you will have to change your behavior and possibly your attitudes about money.

This card indicates that you need a fixed and determined set of values, that is, you need to get perfectly clear about what you want and why you want it. Once you are clear about what you want, then you can devote yourself to a single-minded pursuit of those financial goals. This kind of dedication always brings success, but since this is the Pluto Card, it is likely that acquiring these qualities will be challenging at times and cause you to make some fundamental changes in the way you approach money, work and finances. Your Result Card will tell you more about this financial power you seek or will point to a person in your life who is closely connected with it.

Affirmation: I create the financial prosperity to purchase the things that I want and deserve. I focus all my values into one powerful stream of 'wealth energy'.

Your Result Card This Year

The THREE  of Hearts as the Result Card

  "Variety in Love"

Your Result Card: Somehow, the result of your efforts this year will be that of having more friends and perhaps lovers in your life. You have been developing your ability to meet others, to communicate and share yourself. The three is a number of expression. Put that three in Hearts and you are developing your ability to express your feelings and emotional and romantic needs.

As you complete this year, you will find that your efforts have paid off. However, if you cannot handle having so many people in your life, you may experience indecision and worry over love. Look at your Pluto Card to give you more details about this.

AffirmationI am getting clearer about what I want in relationships through experimentation. I   end up with two love interests and a better ability to express my feelings to others. 

Your Environment Card This Year

The QUEEN  of Clubs as the Environment Card

  "Mother of Intuition"

Your Environment Card: The Queen of Clubs will bring many blessings into your life this year, especially along the lines of intuition, organizational ability and work in any of the communication fields. This is a card of success through service and of sharing knowledge and information with others. If you are a Club female, you are also likely to have more success this year in the romantic or motherly departments of your life.

Your Displacement Card This Year

You are displacing the SEVEN  of Spades this year.

 "the Faith Card"

Your Displacement Card: This will be a year in which you will definitely get one or more of your wishes fulfilled because the Seven of Spades is a blessed card in many ways. These wishes are usually associated with mundane affairs such as work or money. You should also watch out for health matters this year and especially for accidents. If you any health concerns arise this year, just remember to live responsibly and to have FAITH, which is the keyword of this card.

The Cards Governing Your Planetary Periods - An Overview

Direct Card            Vertical Card          Planetary Symbol


Your Mercury Period begins 1/12/2017 and ends 3/5/2017


Your Venus Period begins 3/5/2017 and ends 4/26/2017


Your Mars Period begins 4/26/2017 and ends 6/17/2017


Your Jupiter Period begins 6/17/2017 and ends 8/8/2017


Your Saturn Period begins 8/8/2017 and ends 9/29/2017


Your Uranus Period begins 9/29/2017 and ends 11/20/2017


Your Neptune Period begins 11/20/2017 and ends 1/12/2018

The Cards Influencing Your Mercury Period

Your Mercury Period lasts from 1/12/2017 till 3/5/2017

About the Mercury Period Cards from your Birth Card SpreadThe Mercury Period is the one that always begins on your birthday each year. During this period, the focus is usually on communications, short trips here and there, educational pursuits, or the affairs of siblings and other family members. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and therefore, what is likely to occur.

Mercury Period Cards are usually of little consequence since Mercury itself is such a quick-moving influence. Therefore, events under Mercury will usually be short-lived, quick or sudden.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important Mercury Cards of the year and may pertain to most any area of your life.

Your Direct Mercury Card

The TWO  of Diamonds in the Mercury Period

  "the Wheeler-Dealer Card"

Your Direct Mercury Card: Here we have a business communication or meeting that comes and goes quickly. This could be an unexpected or fleeting money deal or partnership or a sudden business deal that requires some short trips. Also possible is a financial arrangement with a relative such as a brother or sister. Under Mercury this partnership may happen suddenly and last a short time only. It may be a quick investment that pays quick returns. Be ready for the unexpected.

Your Vertical Mercury Card

The FOUR of Clubs in the Mercury Period

  "Mental Satisfaction"

Your Vertical Mercury Card: This period will bring a pleasant but brief experience of contentment, such as a book  or a new companion. This is also a good influence for learning new things, in gaining knowledge and in all things related to the mind, such as writing, speaking, or teaching. Your studies will be a source of joy to you now and in general you should be enjoying life.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Mercury Card is one of challenge or adversity.


Your Venus Period lasts from 3/5/2017 till 4/26/2017

About the Venus Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: The Venus Period is the one that always begins 52 days after your birthday each year. During this period, the focus is usually on home and family matters and affairs of the heart. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and therefore, what is likely  to occur.

Those who are in a profession that involves beauty products or any one of the arts should read their Venus Cards as general indicators of the success or failure of those types of businesses.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important Venus Cards of the year and may pertain to any area of your life.

Your Direct Venus Card

The TEN  of Diamonds in the Venus Period

  "the Blessed Card"

Your Direct Venus Card: This card represents financial success connected to the arts, products for women or the home, some woman you know, or to your own lover or marriage. Any of these could be the source of a windfall of money. This could be great success for an artist. With this influence you will choose to spend more time with friends and lovers that are well-to-do. Money will be a definite priority in your love relationships or marriage, perhaps too much.

Your Vertical Venus Card

The TEN  of Spades in the Venus Period

  "the Work Success Card"

Your Vertical Venus Card: This is a card of success and happiness in love, home, money, work, health, and  family. It is an influence that overcomes negativity and problems. This success may be connected to females in some way or to the arts and music. This is also a good influence for  a working marriage or for working with large groups of people. Business expansion is favored and you should have the resources to do this comfortably.


Your Mars Period lasts from 4/26/2017 till 6/17/2017

 About the Mars Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: The Mars Period is the one that always begins approximately 104 days after your birthday each year. During this period, you are likely to have more physical and aggressive energies. For this reason, this is a good time to get involved in physical pursuits or to actively pursue your goals.

Mars Period Cards also govern our relationships with men in general and with any legal  matters we are involved in. If you are involved in a legal suit of any kind, the Mars Cards will  indicate the probable success or failure of these pursuits.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important Mars Cards of the year.

Your Direct Mars Card

The SIX  of Hearts in the Mars Period

  "the Peace-Maker Card"

Your Direct Mars Card: During this period, the steadying influence of the Six of Hearts will cause relationship issues to be dealt with and settled. Though you might be impatient at this time, you may be forced to slow down and act responsibly in all your personal affairs. You will get exactly what you give to others now so be especially careful in what you are putting out. Rest assured that any matters, whether legal or romantic, will result in a fair and equal settlement for all concerned.

Your Vertical Mars Card

The SEVEN  of Spades in the Mars Period

  "the Faith Card"

Your Vertical Mars Card: This period can bring illness caused by overdoing it in work or passion or trouble from some male. This can also represent difficulties in a legal matter. Indulging in negativity at this time will only make matters worse. This period may be marked by much arguing, conflict, and disappointment. This card represents a challenge, one which can best be met by a careful self-examination of negative attitudes and emotional habits.

Look to your other Mars Card to find out what or who is involved in the challenges  that may arise during this period. Also keep in mind that a positive card, such as a four,  eight, or ten, would tell you that regardless of the challenges present, you are likely to have   a happy and productive outcome to the situations that present themselves during this 52-day period.


Your Jupiter Period lasts from 6/17/2017 till 8/8/2017

About the Jupiter Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: The Jupiter Period is the one that falls in the middle of your personal year. During this period, the focus is usually on business and financial matters, though it is not restricted to these alone. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and therefore,  what is likely to occur.

Our Jupiter Cards often tell us what or who are the biggest blessings of the year, especially along financial lines. If we involve ourselves in activities related to our Jupiter Cards, we could see  an increase in our finances through those directions.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important Jupiter Cards of the year.

Your Direct Jupiter Card

The TEN  of Hearts in the Jupiter Period

  "Success with Groups"

Your Direct Jupiter Card: Successes, both personally and socially can bring financial gains during this period. Apply your charm and magnetism now to your career for spectacular results. Friendships  and partnerships will advance you along in your chosen field. If you are involved in selling, acting, or any business that involves groups of people, this is one of the best influences for social and financial success. Also success in dealing with religious institutions is  indicated.

Your Vertical Jupiter Card

The JACK  of Hearts in the Jupiter Period

  "Sacrifice Through Love"

Your Vertical Jupiter Card: Under Jupiter the spiritual influence of the Jack of Hearts, 'Sacrifice Card', can bring many blessings, but mostly when directed towards helping others or achieving spiritual goals. Direct your emotional power into selfless action for maximum success under this influence. You are being influenced by one of the highest forms of spiritual energy and you could have many profound revelations as a result. Mastery of your emotions, personal relationships and doing good for others all bring untold blessings during this special period of your year.

On a more mundane level, any men of the Hearts suit could be a source of financial  and other blessings this year, especially those who are younger or involved in creative professions.


Your Saturn Period lasts from 8/8/2017 till 9/29/2017

About the Saturn Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: The Saturn Period follows Jupiter and is almost the reverse of it in it's influence. Whereas Jupiter is expansive and abundant, Saturn is often restrictive and burdensome. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and what is likely to happen. Our Saturn Cards often describe who or what are our major challenges or difficulties for the year. However, by facing these challenges, we can learn many things that will aid in our ultimate success. Saturn teaches us patience and responsibility.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important Saturn Cards of the year and may pertain to any area of your life.

Your Direct Saturn Card

The FIVE  of Diamonds in the Saturn Period

  "The Seeker of Worth"

Your Direct Saturn Card: Under Saturn this card brings a restlessness that contributes to a loss of money and financial insecurity. This could also bring a change in business due to the ill health of yourself or someone else. You may find a lot of money being spent on health care or many short trips for the same reason. Many remedies may be tried in the pursuit of healing.

This would not be a good time to take a vacation or travel so try to schedule any trips either before or after this period. The only exception to this would be if you have a very strong card as the other Saturn Card, such as a four or eight, which could bring satisfactory results with minimal struggle.

Your Vertical Saturn Card

The FIVE  of Spades in the Saturn Period

  "The Wanderer"

Your Vertical Saturn Card: Health issues or a journey caused by someone's illness, may cause a change in your job or home during this period. A change in career or work will involve more work and some problems though it may be unavoidable. Changes tend to bring more harm than good now though you may not be able to avoid them as they may be necessary for other reasons. This card can also represent a change in your health condition (for the worse) or a visit to a doctor.

This would not be a good time to take a vacation or travel so try to schedule any trips either before or after this period. The only exception to this would be if you have a very strong card as the other Saturn Card, such as a four or eight, which could bring satisfactory results with minimal struggle.


Your Uranus Period lasts from 9/29/2017 till 11/20/2017

About the Uranus Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: After the often grueling struggle of the Saturn Period, the Uranus Period usually comes as a welcome relief. Everything tends to lighten up and we tend to focus more on the people we hang out with both socially and at work. The two cards found in this period will combine to tell you what influences are present and therefore, what is likely to occur.

Things often happen unexpectedly in Uranus or the things that happen have an unusual quality about them. Our Uranus Cards often foretell the success or failure of our relationships at work or in other circles.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread. Therefore, they are the most important cards in this period and can pertain to events in any area of your life.

Your Direct Uranus Card

The QUEEN  of Clubs in the Uranus Period

  "The Mother of Intuition"

Your Direct Uranus Card: This is a very psychic and creative influence that bestows much success in almost any field where mind power, creativity and intuition can be applied. Many ideas and bits of information will just seem to appear in your mind and many of these could be very helpful   in your work or personal life. You may seem more impatient than usual and should be  careful while driving. But in general, this will be a productive and delightful period of  mental success.

Any women of the Clubs suit may seem to be somewhat unpredictable during this period, and to a lesser extent, for the entire year. To insure success  in your relationships  with them, it would be best to just step back and allow them to do or be whatever they need to. A good friendship comes from unconditional love and acceptance.

Your Vertical Uranus Card

The NINE  of Clubs in the Uranus Period

  "The Universal Knowledge Card"

Your Vertical Uranus Card: Mental frustration and worry are definite possibilities now with some of the problems you may have with co-workers or labor groups. Also there could be a disappointing real estate deal and this is not a good time for real estate speculation. In addition psychic experiments could prove to be disappointing. Do not expect much from others at this time and adopt a more giving and universal approach in work and friendships to access the potential of this card.

The essential meaning of this card is the ending of some plan or mental occupation. This could represent the ending of a job or of a way of thinking. This card only means that it is over. Whether it is experienced by you as a completion or a disappointment will be based upon your own attitudes about the thing that is ending.

This is a good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information, attending classes, etc. Also, keep in mind that a positive card, such as a four, eight, or ten,    in the other position this period would offset any problematic situations that may arise and bring about good results overall.

The Cards Influencing Your Neptune Period 

Your Neptune Period lasts from 11/20/2017 till 1/12/2018

About the Neptune Period Cards from your Birth Card Spread: Neptune is the last period, that always begins 52 days before your next birthday each year. This period is one of the best times to take a vacation, especially if that vacation will take you to a foreign country.

Our Neptune Card(s) often represent who or what are our 'hopes and fears' for the year. It can represent things that we secretly want or things that we may be afraid will come to pass. The Neptune Period is usually not a good time to make any definite decisions about our future as things often appear blurred from our point of view.

The cards below are from your Birth Card's Yearly Spread, the most important Neptune Cards  of this year.

Your Direct Neptune Card

The KING  of Clubs in the Neptune Period

  "The Master of Knowledge"

Your Direct Neptune Card: During this period you can expect much success in any work that involves using your mind, intuition or organizational ability. This would be an excellent time to expand the   scope of your work and to realize some of your dreams along these lines. Your intuition is very high now and you could receive valuable knowledge about your inner self that will guide you in better directions. Make fine distinctions in every area of your life and you will progress rapidly.

Any men of the Clubs suit that you meet during this period, and to a lesser extent, this entire year, are likely to be a little hard for you to see objectively. You could easily project your fantasies on them, romantic or otherwise. Therefore, it is best not to make any important decisions related to them until after your next birthday.

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